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Shatavari was first mentioned in two of India’s most sacred texts, the Rig Veda and the Atharvaveda and has been used for millennia as an aphrodisiac, enhancing fertility in men and women.  

Shatavari translates to ‘she who possesses hundreds of husbands’, alluding to its special ability to increase fertility and vitality. It is an adaptogen and well known ayurvedic rasayana which are herbs used to maintain optimal health by reversing the effects of aging, increasing longevity, immunity and mental function.

In clinical studies Shatavari has been proven to support fertility, strengthen the uterus, regulate menstruation and hormonal imbalances, promote the flow of breast milk, assist in recovery from childbirth and alleviate many symptoms associated with menopause.

There have also been studies concerning the benefits to men showing the herb is an excellent aphrodisiac and can increase the quality and quantity of seminal fluid.  

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